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Our professional team provides consultancy services across a wide range of sectors.  We take great pleasure in our collaborative approach, carefully listening to our clients’ needs and creating partnerships to create packaging solutions while also assisting with upstream and downstream logistics and procurement needs.

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Off-Spec Products

JEVA Packaging Limited works with manufacturing companies, buying surplus, aged and off-spec chemicals.  Our Chemicals Group offers the collection and removal of off-spec chemicals and surplus chemicals from our customers’ manufacturing facilities.  We also buy off-spec, pods, PVA film, and all types of chemical waste.  We purchase chemicals in drums, totes, containers or loaded on pallets.  Most of our off-spec products are used in industrial and oilfield applications. 

We provide a sustainable and environmentally responsible chemical waste disposal alternative for off-spec chemicals and surplus chemicals.  Our services will provide customers with improved economic and reduced regulatory risk.

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Sell Chemicals Form

Case Study

In 2012, we undertook the decommissioning of Unilever’s Dove soap plant in Toronto, setting a benchmark for excellence in our field.  Our meticulous approach involved the remediation of the site, encompassing the removal of all chemicals, bulk tanks, and an impressive 60 truckloads of packaged Dove soap as well as products like Snuggle and Sunlight. 

Crucially, we ensured that none of these packaged goods found their way into the North American retail sector.  Leveraging our strategic relationship with the Hutterite colonies, facilitated by Unilever’s acceptance of end users, we successfully diverted 60 transport trailers of perfectly good, finished goods from destruction and landfills.

This innovative approach not only upheld sustainability and avoided landfill disposal fees, but also resulted in substantial cost savings for Unilever, amounting to approximately 12 million dollars.

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From the decommissioning of the Dove soap plant, we were offered this original advertisement for Sunlight soap (also a Unilever product) painted on two large wooden panels.  This artwork is now proudly displayed in our office.

JEVA Packaging Limited was also given this original oil painting of the Unilever products which we also have on the wall in the office.

JEVA Packaging Limited

(Or Surplus Inventory)

At JEVA Packaging Limited, we are dedicated to simplifying the process of buying and selling surplus and obsolete chemical inventories and consumer goods, ensuring mutual benefits for all parties engaged in the transaction.  JEVA Packaging Limited serves as a comprehensive marketplace for the exchange of surplus consumer products and outdated chemical inventories.  We have been in this business for more than twenty-five years and are always in the market for the purchase of excess products or overstock inventory.

Whether you aim to liquidate excess inventory or reduce output costs, JEVA Packaging Limited is your solution, streamlining the process without complications.  We facilitate the buying and selling of chemicals used across a diverse spectrum of industries, including Paints & Coatings, Rubber Compounding, Adhesives & Sealants, Cleaning Products, Food Products, Plastics, Water Treatment, Wire & Cable, Pharmaceuticals & Cosmetics, and Wearables.

JEVA Packaging Limited is one of the industry’s largest and reputable closeout buyers with over two decades of experience in purchasing this inventory while helping sellers through the close-out process.  We have developed a large distribution network that ensures your stock will not affect your local markets by selling overseas to places like Africa, Mexico, Europe and across the globe.  In addition, nothing ends up in landfills.

As your #1 partner, we can provide services for bankruptcy, business shutdowns, reorganizations, slow-moving inventory, liquidations, surplus inventories, downsizing or for any other reason that your business may need to quickly sell inventory for cash.  We ensure that any identification on your products is removed before they are shipped to our buyers.

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Excess Inventory Costs You

On average, most typical retailers hold over $1B in returned, excess, and slow-moving inventory.  This wastes time, money and resources that must effectively handle it.  Keeping these goods will tie up your cash as well as warehouse space.  As well, some inventory can degrade over time.  Trying to remarket this inventory can be astronomically expensive.  Plus, you do not want the bad press if you dispose of it at landfills.  Traditional options for liquidating excess inventory are unpredictable, unreliable and can be very difficult to manage. 

This is where JEVA Packaging Limited can become your partner in taking over this excess inventory on your behalf.  We have been buying closeout inventory and overstock for over twenty-five (25) years.  We can make quick buying decisions and have the resources to make things happen.  We buy slow-moving inventory, dated inventory, packaging changes, overruns and discontinued products which make us the bet connection from your company to our thousands of customers.

Our team knows the market and can make buying decisions quickly without having to go to a committee for approval.


We provide solutions for unwanted inventory and exceptional savings on surplus chemicals.  Our extensive database of customers and suppliers is built on more than 50 years of experience in the chemical industry.

We will make quick and reasonable offers for any surplus, obsolete, off-spec, slow-moving, expired, or otherwise unwanted chemicals you may  with to clear from your inventory.  General categories of chemicals of interest to us include, but are not limited to:  cleaning products, cosmetic ingredients, solvents, waxes, personal care ingredients, lubricants, paints and coatings, surfactants, fragrances, resins, gums, pigments, dyes, plasticizers, food ingredients, adhesives — basically all industrial chemicals from A to Z.


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