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Making the world a better place one package at a time.

We create innovative water-soluble packaging solutions that are safe, sustainable and 100% biodegradable for a wide range of household and industrial products.

Our emphasis of 100% biodegradable packaging aligns with the global push towards sustainable practices.  By offering these eco-friendly solutions for both household and industrial products we contribute towards reducing environmental impact of our products.

As a market leader in the eco-friendly Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) packaging industry, we pride ourselves on product quality and timely delivery.  Our proprietary extrusion blown casting process is the most reliable choice for high-quality films, and produces a wide range of cold and hot water soluble PVA films designed to meet the needs of a wide range of industries. 

These innovative packaging solutions range from soluble films to custom bags to full product development services including trial runs and ongoing support which emphasizes our commitment to offer diverse solutions for our clients.  Our fully biodegradable solutions solutions are used by people all over the world every day in both household and industrial settings – creating value for users while protecting the environment.

By combining innovation with environmental responsibility, JEVA Packaging Limited creates value for users.  We address the immediate needs of our customers while contributing to the long-term well-being of the environment.

We are dedicated to maintaining customer satisfaction by providing excellent customer service and reliability which are essential in our business.

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Water Soluble Biocides

Our Team

Our expert team provides consultative service to a wide range of industry sectors.  We pride ourselves on listening to our clients’ needs and working in partnership to provide tailored water-soluble packaging solutions. 

Our emphasis of working in partnership with customers shows the importance of a collaborative and cooperative approach.  This leads to more effective problem-solving and the development that precisely aligns with our clients’ needs.

Always customer-focused by prioritizing their needs, JEVA Packaging Limited is able to build strong, long-lasting relationships that contribute to client satisfaction and loyalty.

Our commitment to provide environmentally friendly, cost effective and eco-friendly PVA packaging aligns with the growing demand for sustainable practices while meeting regulatory expectations and resonates well with clients who prioritize eco-friendly products.

JEVA Packaging Limited’s cost-effective approach shows our customers that we understand the practical considerations that businesses face.  This is always a compelling proposition for our clients.  

The use of Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) which is known for its biodegradability contributes to the overall sustainability of our products.

By combining consultative services, a customer-focused approach, and a commitment to environmental responsibility, JEVA Packaging Limited is well-positioned to provide valuable solutions in the water-soluble packaging sector.

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