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Capabilities Film Solubility

Film Solubility

About JEVA PACKAGING LIMITED uses the world’s best water-soluble PVA film technology. It is 100% soluble in cold or hot water, and can be customized to specific applications.

Capabilities Eco compatibility


Our PVA chemistry is resin-based and made from natural or synthetic organic compounds. It is readily dissolvable in water without emitting substances harmful to humans.

Capabilities Mechanical Properties

Mechanical Properties

Our water-soluble packaging technology is durable, elastic and flexible – ensuring your product is packaged perfectly.

Capabilities Antistatic Properties

Antistatic Properties

Water-soluble PVA film is uncharged by nature, thereby providing antistatic properties. By extension reducing dust accumulation.

Capabilities Safe Properties

Safe Properties

Jevasol films exhibit low permeability to oxygen and other gases. Films are also resistant to solvents, oils, grease and solvents – ensuring your product delivers safely.

Capabilities High Impermeability-

High Impermeability

Closely spaced PVA molecules protect products from penetration of large molecules that form odours, aromas and other gases.